*Life’s tough for criminal rappers like B.G. The former Cash Money artist and founding member of Hot Boys who is going to jail for 14 years for crimes including felony gun possession and witness tampering.

“At the end of the day, I possessed a firearm and I was a convicted felon,” he said in his last public interview with DJ Slab 1 of New Orleans Q93 radio. “I shouldn’t have had a firearm. I had a firearm. I can’t take that back. I gotta do my bid. It is what it is.”

He was actually given the opportunity to get a lesser sentence, but it would have required the classic snitch. B.G. said that’s not his style.

“At the end of the day, you gotta live with the decisions you make as a man. I made my bed, I gotta lay in it,” he said. “You know how the Feds operate. If you don’t want to give them nothin’ then they be extra harsh on you. So, I don’t regret being real. I don’t regret not taking nobody with me. I’m cool and comfortable in my situation.”

In the meantime, while away on ‘vacation’ (as they tell the kids), he’s going to keep releasing new music. How is that possible? Unless it’s tracks already in the can, we don’t know.