*In an interview with Charisma News, Bishop Harry Jackson got real; talking about the progress of the church. He went hard in the paint about the growing scarcity of Christian followers and the need to recruit.

Charisma News: You were one of the pastors instrumental in the efforts for racial reconciliation [that] started in Sanford, Fla., after the Trayvon Martin incident. How do you think those efforts are going?

Jackson: I am very impressed with several of the local pastors from Sanford. One of the pastors I’m most impressed with is Pastor Derrick Gay, who is actually helping as a younger guy, to navigate the waters of relationships. Reconciliation is all about people getting to know each other and working toward a common goal. I think it’s going very well. You’re going to find that it’s going to be a national success story in the years ahead.

Charisma News: How do you think God is moving in this country right now?

Jackson: I see God, first, creating a separation between light and dark that I hope will bring a unity within the church, allowing us to rise up and respond in strength to what looks like a rising tide of anti-Christian thinking in our nation. There are many examples of it. The pro-abortion movement is growing stronger; the anti-traditional marriage movement is growing stronger, and, overall, an anti-church, anti-faith movement is manifesting itself in the country. Those movements, or those attacks, are starting to wake us up now.

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