*Get ready for Season 2 – part two – of our favorite singing sisters, Trina, Tamar, Toni, Towanda and Traci, and their lovely mother Evelyn, aka the Braxtons.

“Braxton Family Values” will return to WEtv’s estrogen-filled line up this Thursday, August 16, with the airing of the second half of season two.  During this upcoming half season, not only will you see the Braxton sisters expressing themselves int the compelling and entertaining ways they’ve proven to know how, but it will also serve the purpose of setting up Tamar and Vince, a spinoff from BFV about the misadventures of the family’s very colorful youngest sibling and her music mogul husband.

EUR had the privilege of speaking with Trina Braxton, the fun-loving, second-to-youngest sister, and she offered her thoughts on the show and the family’s interaction as well as shedding light on how she sees things and her own somewhat controversial presence on the show.

EUR: We’re all looking forward to seeing you ladies on TV again.  So, this is a continuation of season 2 as opposed to a season 3…explain?

Trina Braxton: We’ve done about 19 or 20 episodes, so we just didn’t want to give people too much at once. I think we just wanted to give them a little something extra.  It’s also ushering in the Tamar and Vince show.  When you see Tamar on Braxton Family Values, she’s real “doo wop pop pop” all the time, but this will give the fans another light to see Tamar in, as an executive, an executive’s wife and I think the fans are gonna appreciate the new light.

EUR: Well, this far in, did you expect to get the reception the show has gotten?

TB: I don’t think any of us went in with any expectations, because we are a real family and we wanted to just show our story and tell our story and have a positive portrayal of reality shows.

EUR: As the show went on, it seemed that relationships were becoming strained due to all the attention, is that a fair assessment?

TB:  I want to say no.  When it comes to relationships, like me and Gabe, it was already tumultuous.  The relationship between my sisters and I, it was almost as if we had issues that were unresolved and sometimes when you get a chance to look back at a situation, you understand it with a lot more clarity. In essence, it’s made us a lot closer.

EUR: Off camera, what are some of the things the sisters do to nurture the bond, which is what we love most about the show?

TB: We’re not afraid to make mistakes and we’re not afraid to say I’m sorry. So, it helped us to mature a lot as a family.

EUR: With this continuation, will the relationships survive or will we see permanent break ups?

TB: Well, you don’t want me to give too much away, do you?  I’ll tell you, Toni will be singing with new background singers, but I’m not sure how that’s gonna turn out, because she’s used to us. I mean, she’s being respectful of us trying to pursue our own careers and our destinies, and you can only applaud that from her, however, she’s accustomed to us being with her. If she wants to watch something on television, we’ll get together and click through the channels or watch a movie and I think she’s definitely gonna miss things like that.

EUR:  Another important element of the show is the music. Have you made headway with your individual career and what is the status of the possibility of a Braxton’s album?

TB:  It’s making snail trails, but it’s getting there and the great thing about this half season is you’re gonna see my new video. The song is “Party or Go Home.”

Sometimes our foot’s in the door and sometimes our foot is out of the door, so while we’re waiting, everyone’s solo careers are beginning to pop off, because Tamar is working on her career, I’m working on mine, and Toni is working on her own as well.  So, it seems like between that and the television show, we can’t seem to get together to make a record.  Especially since Tamar and I are doing The Soul Man, as well, and Toni is doing a movie, so in between, life it just happening.

EUR: How have you changed since you’ve invited us into your life via the show?

TB: I’ve learned about myself. I’ve learned that I am imperfect, as a person, as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, but it’s ok to be imperfect and make mistakes … and go to counseling…therapy has helped so much.  I now know it’s ok to be imperfect and to make mistakes.

EUR: Has the relationship between your father and the sisters changed for the better since we were first exposed to the challenges?

TB: When we were growing up, we always had our dad. He was a provider and we didn’t want for anything, but when they divorced, it was almost like he divorced us.  He became estranged and that was very new to us, because it’s not what we were accustomed to as a family.  But I think even watching  made my dad realize how much we do miss him and how much we love him in spite of what happened between he and mommy….we didn’t want to be put in the middle of that, because even as grown people we were affected.  I think adults watch BFV because we show different aspects of family life, good, bad and indifferent.  We’re working on rebuilding the relationship with our dad and it’s been great.

EUR: What’s been the most disturbing experience you or your sisters have had since participating in the show?

TB:  When my sisters and I argued to the point of tears, because when you love someone, you don’t want to hurt their feelings and sometimes you don’t know how hurtful your words can be. When you watch the show back and you reflect, you go, “oh my god, did I really say that?” What, am I a mean girl right now?  You never want to see a person you love hurt and you never want to be the person that inflicts the pain.

EUR: What’s been the experience that has made it all worth it?

TB: I get to work with my family. Do they work on my nerves? Yes. Do they work on my nerves badly? Yes.  However, if I were gonna be on a reality show, I’m glad I get to do it with family and not some random strangers. I think it allows people to see another side of reality, because with my parents, you won’t see us fighting, you won’t see us throwing glasses of water or wine at each other or spitting on each other … you might hear a few curse words, because we’re not perfect, but you won’t see anything physical between us.

EUR: What is one question you wish we would ask, but don’t?

TB:  I would like people to ask me about my goals and aspirations, because when people watch the show, you get one hour of my life each week.  I am more than just a glass of wine, but that’s what people have about me, that I party all the time. Mind you, i enjoy life, but it’s put into perspective though. I’m older and I’m a true business woman.  I enjoy reading and there are just so many sides of me that people don’t see or don’t understand.

EUR: What is one question you would prefer to never answer again?

TB:  People always ask me, “where are your children?”  While they are a large part of my life, they are my life.  My children are 17 and 14 years old and for some reason, people think that I don’t want them to be on the show.  My children are old enough to make that type of decision for themselves and they chose not to be on the show.  Sometimes that’s so hard to explain.

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