carmen ejogo (sparkle)

*An actress of 15 years,  Carmen Ejogo has appeared in sevaral films (“Lakawana Blues,” “Sally Hemings”), but playing the  role of Sister, the complex central character in “Sparkle”, gave Ejogo a chance to display her range of talent, which includes singing.

For Ejogo, “Sparkle” just might ignite a second career.

“Singing is something I have a lot of passion for, but I’ve never really made enough space for it because I’ve really focused on being an actress.”

“Sparkle” was the first opportunity the British born starlet had to sing and act.  She says she’s “no Whitney” but has been bitten by the singing bug and is eager to do more of it.

Movie-goers this weekend will hear plenty of her newly revealed gift, as in the film she has 6 songs to her little sister Sparkle’s 2 (played by former American idol and Jordin Sparks).

Ejogo will appear in the feature film  “Alex Cross” as Tyler Perry’s wife later this Fall.  Check out our interview where she talks about “Sparkle,” her love for music and her next role: