*Cedric the Entertainer’s sitcom, “The Soul Man” is in the middle of getting a thrashing from a group of conservative Christian women, One Million Moms.

The group protests the show is a mockery of Jesus Christ and gives pastors a bad name.

But TV Land may not change a thing, being that it was the network’s second-highest rated series premiere behind the launch of “Hot in Cleveland.”

The moms don’t agree that the sitcom, however, is a family comedy as it’s been described, according to AlwaysAlist.com.

“The word family is used loosely since the program focuses on one family but is far from family-friendly programming.”

But the grievances don’t stop there.

The Moms website declares that Neicy Nash’s character is out of line with a busty style and form-fitting dresses.

Lolli (the wife played by Niecy Nash) tells Boyce, “Lack of booty makes you moody!” and “Women’s parts start percolating when husband does chores,” says the website.

“Pastor’s brother and father use foul language and the father is a retired preacher whose uses the excuse he isn’t a minster anymore.”

The One Million Moms appear to want the show either re-listed as adult entertainment or taken off the air.

Perhaps turning the channel wouldn’t work for the Million Moms though, right?