*Rapper Cee Lo Green and his sister have launched an initiative that helps students become more environmentally-conscious…as in his last name.


The singer and his sibling, Shedonna Alexander, have come up with The GreenHouse Foundation, a non-profit that aims to boost “green education” in the area, teaching by teaching math and science through gardening.

“It will allow students to experience a new approach to ‘green education’,” says Alexander. “We are committed to the mission to empower children with the knowledge, attitude and desire to positively influence their futures, their communities and the long-term sustainability of their planet.”

Cee Lo adds, “Through the Green Garden Education Program, the GreenHouse Foundation is supporting schools with the tools, curriculum, and resources necessary to create and maintain an outdoor ‘teaching garden’. With the garden as the primary focus, children will learn the fundamentals of gardening along with the health and environmental benefits of growing their own produce.”

Based in his native Atlanta, The GreenHouse Foundation is set to launch on Friday, Aug. 17.