chad johnson*TMZ is reporting that Chad Johnson’s college girlfriend wants a pow wow with Chad’s latest alleged battery victim, his wife (Evelyn Lozada).

Maybe it’s because the now ex-NFL player was convicted of slapping the girlfriend in 2000 and she sees it as a way to … find closure.

Sources close to the former girlfriend tell TMZ, the woman has been attempting to reach out to Chad’s wife, Evelyn Lozada, on Twitter and Facebook ever since news broke last weekend that Chad had allegedly attacked her.

We’re told the ex-GF believes she and Evelyn have a lot to talk about and can help each other heal in the process.

According to our sources, the GF has had no luck in reaching Evelyn thus far.

Meanwhile, TMZ got hold to a copy of Johjnson’s certificate of completion from a domestic violence batterers’ treatment program back in 2002, following his domestic battery conviction:

Chad Johnson's certificate of completion from domestic violence batterers' treatment program

Chad Johnson’s certificate of completion from domestic violence batterers’ treatment program

According to a status report from the program, Chad was cooperative and appeared to make good progress — but “struggled initially with accepting the need to make lifestyle changes as well as minimizing his past behavior.”

The report says Chad eventually came to terms with his problems — and his “risk to re-offend appears low.”


Meanwhile, it’s looking like the meeting of Johnson’s battered women is the least of his problems. In the wake of being dumped by the Miami Dolphins, he’s onthe verge of foreclosure, reports Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra:

Johnson, according to court papers, hasn’t paid the monthly $863-maintenance fees on his $400,000-16th floor crib at Two Midtown Miami — since June 2009!

He’s behind by $28,703 – and since the Dolphins cut him, he could have a hard time making good on the tab.

Wait there’s more: Johnson, according to records, is making ends meet with a $150,000-mortgage he just received from two Palm Beach County investors, Michael Pomerantz and well-known dermatologist Patrick McPoland.

Johnson has until June 2015 to pay the principal back.

As collateral, he used a $350,000-Miami Springs house he bought for one of his baby mamas!

Johnson couldn’t be contacted for comment.