*Now that the vows have been broken and the whole world knows about it, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson is on his way to higher heights, that is with Twitter groupies.

The jobless NFL player is now the object of every social media hussy’s desire. And he likes it, say sources.

According to RadarOnline, he’s constantly on Twitter, searching for the next score, sending private messages and asking to meet up in person.

Really Chad?

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He’s pretty scandalous. One of his mistresses allegedly drove the Smart Car, Evelyn Lozada, his wife, bought for him.

Since all his dirt has been exposed, the guy is pretty much a disgrace and looks pretty desperate at this point. Or maybe he has an addiction. They’ve got therapy for that.

He’s got women in different area codes, and so far we know about the Miami girl, Boston chick, and the Atlanta peach. Some have been out with the affair since the news broke; bragging about the love affair each of them have had.

In the meantime, he’s lost sponsorship from Zico coconut water; doesn’t have a job with the Miami Dolphins, and his soon-to-be ex-woman is about to give her goodies to someone else.

So sad.