chavis carter

Chavis Carter

*Could this be the next Trayvon Martin type situation?

It very well could be because  more and more observers are becoming concerned about the alleged “suicide” of Chavis Carter.

Carter is a man that police allege to have shot himself in the head in the back of a police car. Even the police chief of the town where Chavis died says that the case “defies logic at first glance.”

The 21-year old native of Jonesboro, Arkansas died from a single gunshot wound to the temple while handcuffed inside the back of a police car. Police had searched him, only to find $10 worth of marijuana.

“Definitely bizarre,” Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates said.

But in spite of his concerns about the case, Yates claims that the evidence supports the officers who made the arrest. But his version of the facts are being disputed by the victim’s family and the NAACP. Also, community leaders are comparing this case to that of Trayvon Martin.

A “Justice for Chavis Carter” Facebook page has been set up, where they are asking that the FBI “investigate whether police committed murder.”

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