Stan Sheppard

*Entertainment industry executive Stan Sheppard is Executive Producing a star studded album entitled “Laid to Rest” which will raise funds to assist the families in Chicago who have lost family members and loved ones to senseless acts of gang violence.

The funds raised through the sale of this album would cover burial expenses and help pay for hospital costs for the wounded victims and their families.

The South Side of Chicago has been the focus of worldwide media coverage in recent months because of the incredible level of gang  violence that is being played out on the city’s rough streets.

Sheppard, who was born and raised on Seventy Ninth and King Drive and is one of the most violent areas on the city’s South Side, embarked upon this mission because he witnesses this carnage on a daily basis.

Through the first 7 months of this year in Chicago, there have been over 320 deaths and over 1,550 people wounded. Hundreds of the wounded victims are either in critical or serious condition. Additionally, there are  over 150 people who are paralyzed from gang beatings and violent acts.

Sheppard stated that there will be 10 Platinum Rap and R&B stars on the album and there will be a major concert in the Chicago area to further promote awareness of this effort in late November.

Sheppard is currently in discussions with executives from Universal Records to fund and distribute this project. Chicago area producer Chase Davis will produce a majority of the musical tracks for the album.

Universal Records has recently spent millions of dollars signing rap artists from the South Side of Chicago such as “Chief Keef,” “Fredo Santana,” “Lil Durk,” “Lil Reese” and “SD” to their roster.

“There is no other major record company that has invested more money than Universal in Chicago’s rap music scene, so why would they not be supportive of this venture,” Sheppard stated.

The album is slated for digital release in November of this year.

Inquiries concerning this project should be directed to Mr. Stan Sheppard ([email protected]) and Mr. Lee Ford.