chris bosh*Miami Heat star Chris Bosh thought he was going to get off easy with this whole baby daddy child support stuff.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, he was grilled by lawyers and the judge for two hours straight in an Orlando courtroom regarding his residency status.

It was all bad. His stories didn’t add up; it looked like he was lying.

Bosh is attempting to win a three-year battle for the custody of his 3-year-old daughter.

His latest attempt was to figure out a way to convince the court that he lives in Texas, but the $12.5 million home in Miami is … not his.

He was reduced to reading his own mortgage and an affidavit to obtain a mortgage from Deutsche Bank. The document was an agreement that he would make the spot his primary residence as a Floridian.

He’s attempting to essentially deceive the court because if his baby’s mama, Allison Mathis, is able to prove he lives in Miami, Orange County Judge Robert Evans could then order Bosh to pay much more in child support.

How much? $30,000 a month instead of the $2,600 monthly that a Texas judge ordered him to pay three years ago!

Meanwhile, in another surprising revelation, voting records from Dallas showed Bosh — an ardent supporter of President Obama who has actively campaigned for him — had not voted in the 2008 president election!

“I did mail in a ballot,” Bosh told Jane Carey, Mathis’ lawyer.

“How could you,” Carey countered. “They purged your name from the rolls.”


“I guess it was just a mistake,” Bosh replied.

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