Craig L. Davis

Craig Lamar Davis

*Ok, ok, ok … now we’ve heard it all.

A Georgia churchgoer believes she’s got the dirt on a minister at Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist church.

According to an email sent to blogger Obnoxious (@WilliamGMcCray), one of the ministers is a church ho, and apparently, the story teller is too.

Anyway, this guy, Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, has been married and sharing his love with every woman he could — along with his disease. Not like Lady Gaga disease, but HIV disease.

The email, from a woman by the name of Ronita McAfee, says that she met the pastor on Facebook and began sleeping with him.

McAfee says that she became concerned when one of the pastor’s ex-girlfriends called to say that she had HIV. She claims that the pastor then counseled her and told her to get tested. McAfee then says that she believed that, based on her observations, the pastor himself was not interested in getting treatment or changing his sexual behavior, in spite of his status. This is what prompted her to seek out a warrant for his arrest.

As far as we know McAfee is the first person to file for the arrest of someone who was found to be having unprotected sex in Clayton County, GA while knowing that he is HIV-positive. She says that when the investigation began, another woman in the church leadership stepped forward with her confession about interacting with Davis. The woman even claimed that she’d been celibate for 15 years before meeting him. She too is HIV positive.

Now, according to  Obnoxious, dude has been busted up for HIV “reckless behavior.” Betcha didn’t know that was a real charge.

Anyway, check out the salacious story here. Trust us, after you read it or before you finish reading it, you’ll feel the need for a shower.