clint eastwood*So, the GOP’s mystery guest Thursday night was an old man who maybe … no, definitely shouldn’t have been the mystery guest.

Turns out it was non other than Clint Eastwood. Somebody – and we’re guessing that one of the “somebodys” would include the the Republican presidential hopeful himself Mitt Romney – thought it would be a grand idea to have Eastwood stand before the convention just so he say “Make my Day.” Well, he did and now they’re regretting it. Big time.

The acclaimed actor and director, who is 82, turned out to be the much-touted “mystery guest” the Romney campaign teased this week. But rather than delivering a clear endorsement of Romney, the actor used an empty chair to stand in for President Barack Obama onstage at the RNC, and then questioned the invisible POTUS about his policies and positions. At one point Eastwood asked: “Mr. President, how do you handle the promises that you made when running for president?”

That was the coherent part.

During most of the speech, for which Eastwood did not use a Tele-Promp-Ter, Eastwood riffed and improvised both for himself and for the president, talking about Guantanamo Bay and unemployment, among other topics. At one point, he pretended the president asked him to stop talking. “I’m not going to shut up,” said Eastwood to the chair. “It’s my turn.”

One clearer moment came when Eastwood went after Obama directly, but it, too, missed. “I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to be president anyway.” (Romney went to Harvard Law School about 20 years before Obama.)

Eastwood tried to make the Romney campaign’s case when he said: “When somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.” The applause hadn’t stopped when Eastwood made a throat-slitting gesture and added: “I’m speaking out for everybody out there. We don’t have to be mental masochists and vote for somebody we don’t really want in office.”

The AP reported that “backstage, stern-faced Romney aides winced at times as Eastwood’s remarks stretched on.

Oh Lord, what a mess. Read/learn more at Yahoo News.

Watch the Eastwood strangeness: