michael colyar*EURweb’s Lee Bailey recently spoke with comedian Michael Colyar at a recent event and caught wind of a pet project of his that he’s very excited about. It’s called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the White House: I knocked On The Door and a Brother Answered.” It’s a documentary dedicated to singing the praises of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama.

“There’s so many people saying negative stuff about Mr. Obama that I thought we needed somebody on the positive side,” he explained. “So, I got like 40 comedians: black, white, old, young, gay, straight. I’ve got Cedric the Entertainer, Tommy Davidson, Anthony Anderson, Dick Gregory. Bootsie Collins created music for it, so did Kurupt. J. Anthony Brown actually wrote a funny piece called ‘There’s a brother in the White House’, I’ve even got crackheads in the street. I’ve got every cross section of people who have positive, uplifting things to say about Mr. Obama.”

There was a time that president Obama was celebrated and praised by most of his constituents, but these days it seems like somebody has something truly foul to say about the POTUS every time you turn around. Despite that the president seems to always keep his cool. This trait is admirable indeed.

“Never has a president been so disrespected. Mr. Obama just pays them no mind,” Colyar continued. “He just keeps on moving forward, he just keeps on doing his work no matter what they say to him and I love that. No man has represented us so greatly, for the black family and the black man, as Mr. Obama. I just feel good about being black because I can look on TV and see the brother and his family. When Michelle planted those collard greens at the White House you knew we were dealing with true royalty. So, I want to send out a positive love note to him.”

Obama’s approval rating was once nearly universally positive amongst black democrats, but he has had some staunch critics amongst them as well. Critics like California congresswoman Maxine Waters. However, it appears as if even she is on board with this project.

“We started shooting this thing at the inauguration. We’re going to keep shooting pieces of it but we’re constantly editing it because there’s new people who constantly want to come in. Maxine Waters said she wants to do a piece on it so that’s five politicians so far. Maxine Waters does have issues with Obama, but she loves him. Nobody’s perfect and she’s not expecting Mr. Obama to be perfect.”

From what we’ve seem of it, the documentary is worth a peek even if solely for the purpose of laughter. Colyar says he is releasing his work, piece by piece, via the Internet free charge for the time being.

“So, right now I’m placing two pieces of it on the Internet every week. You can go to YouTube or you can go to my Facebook page called ‘Michael Colyar’s A Funny Thing’ and you’ll see two new pieces from it every week until six weeks before the election. At that point I’m dropping the whole documentary. I play Herman Cain in five scenes where I say ‘Hi, I’m Herman Cain and I’m blacker than Obama’ or something else ignorant and it’s just fun.”

Though many feel that Obama is a shoe in for a second-term his political opponents are powerful men who will stop at nothing to see that it does not happen. Colyar says voter turnout is imperative if  Mr. Obama is to be reelected.

“He’s gonna win because he’s running against nobody. But we’ve got to get out and vote. Everybody’s got to get out and vote. At least register right away. Even if you don’t think you’re gonna vote just register anyway. If you change your mind last minute then you’re prepared to do it.”

Michael Colyar tells EURweb that the documentary does not have a distributor as of yet however he’s working on that. In addition to the documentary the comedian is also performing Friday August 31 at the Black Enterprise weekend opening for Rapheal Saddiq. The following day he will be performing stand up at Arie Crown theater in Chicago with J.Anthony Brown, Adele Givens and Rickey Smiley. But he’s really excited about hosting the Democratic National Convention theme shows from September 3rd through the 6th. For more on the project check it out on YouTube at You Tube.com/MCTVdoc2012 or log on to facebook at check out his page “Michael Colyar’s A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the White House.”

Watch excerpts from the documentary below: