*Oh there he goes again, causing a ruckus at a local New Orleans bar.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. was caught in a drunken rage again on Tuesday morning, telling the bartender that “New Orleans disowns you” as she pushed him out.

Photos show the actor having a yelling match with a brunette lady bartender outside of The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street, after he allegedly pushed her, according to TMZ.

The bartender told police that he was being rude when he cussed at some people who attempted to take pictures of him. She tried to be nice and ask him to leave. But he got all belligerent and started going off and laying hands.

Another bar employee called 911 to report battery.

Speaking of the bartender, she doesn’t plan to pursue criminal charges against him, managers at The Old Absinthe House restaurant said Wednesday.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the French Quarter restaurant said its employee wouldn’t press the case.

“It is our understanding the employee involved in the alleged altercation has chosen to drop all charges against Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr.,” said Old Absinthe House spokeswoman Carolyn Pierce. “While we continue to investigate this matter internally, we are hopeful that this will put an end to the matter.”

“The witness indeed has indicated that she is likely to drop the charges,” said Ryan Berni, a city spokesman. “If she does, and after prosecutors review the evidence, a determination will be made as to whether to dismiss the charges.”

Berni said Gooding’s arraignment is set for Friday. It was not immediately known whether he was required to appear.