*No one ever said Deion Sanders was the smartest of the football bunch.

But he is a showoff, handsome, and really good at what he does. So as the good-looking showoff of a coach of his Prime Prep Academy in Texas, he’s come up with the most unique mascot for the school.

In an interview with Dallas radio station KTCK-AM, he told the host the name of his new mascot would be “winning.”

“Our mascot is winning … we don’t care about mascots…Our kids are going to look good, and preferably they’re going to perform good. But the best thing about it is they’re going to be educated.”

Maybe he meant it in a different context, but it’s really hard to tell.

But the madness doesn’t end there, folks.

He also made a Jesus reference when describing his new school.

“We’re working at the school,” Sanders told KTCK. “It’s not Southlake Carroll or anything like that. All we need is two fish and five loaves, and we’re going to play and make it happen, baby.”

Whatever, regardless of the school’s ridiculous mascot name, Sander’s knows it’s all going to work out because Jesus is on his side.