snoop dogg (rasta look)*Don’t trip; Snoop Dogg isn’t completely divorcing the style we all know him for.

It’s like ‘they’ say, you can take the brotha out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the brotha.

His newfound love for Reggae music and commitment to rep Rasta all day isn’t void of some of that classic West Coast flavor. He’s Snoop; he don’t change.

He’s got a fresh look, but all he did was put on a few pins, add a dreadlock beanie and a bracelet. He can’t hide that Long Beach love. He wears it all over him.

But anyway, just in case some of you are worried that Snoop has left the building, he assures fans that he’s the same old Dogg, but with some new tricks.

“It’s gonna surprise people, but it’s an amazing record,” he said. “We have some almost rap stuff on the record, but there’s also a lot of singing, because he sings really well and there’s a lot of backing vocals.

“He was really studying Bob Marley,” added Diplo who produced Snopp’s new Reincarnation CD about the recording process. “He likes to have the female backing vocals, and it’s a real Marley-esque vibe. We [also] have some West Coast attitude with the production, and I’m really excited about it. It sounds amazing.”

Earlier this week, the rapper announced he was going Rasta and shared his new name, Snoop Lion. Inspired by some of the greatest reggae legends on the books, he said he was immersed in the Niyabinghi branch of Rastafari and has encountered a new stage in his life.

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