*Dr. Conrad Murray may be unsafe in jail.

Not for obvious reasons of course, but because it looks like there was a security breach when a complete stranger came to visit him.

According to TMZ, his lawyer confirmed that a middle aged woman of Eastern European descent visited the former doctor in jail Thursday, claiming she is the mother of Michael Jackson’s children.

While he sat down with the lady, she told him she traveled from Nevada to see him. Murray didn’t recognize her and told her there must have been a mistake.

But she insisted.

Before things could get out of hand, he asked the woman to leave. She cooperated, but now Murray feels he’s been exposed to the outside world and that his life could be in danger.

Debbie Rowe is the mother of MJ’s oldest children, while Blanket’s mother is allegedly a Hispanic woman from San Diego.

Online reports say that the L.A. County jail has a new visitor policy in which people may sign up online without verifying their identity.

Murray’s attorney Valerie Wass says, “I have serious concerns about the security. My client was horror-stricken by the fact that complete stranger could get in to see him.”