*Really? Chris Brown and Drake are STILL going at it? Smh.

The boys are at it. This time the Canadian born rapper subtly disses the singer with a pitying line.

“Bothers me when you got to play therapist, that sh-t’s embarrassin’/ They even bring up these n—as in comparison/ They just got to forgive me, this watch is a 150/ Still ain’t got the time for a b–ch to be acting iffy,” he rhymes against a driving beat.

“Running through the city with n—as I’d give a kidney/ Selling under 150 you n—as got to be kidding/ Is this even still a discussion?/ Don’t you ever wake up disgusted?”

Ok, so it’s not so much a line directly at anyone really, but some are certainly taking it to be a shot at Brown.

Chris sold an embarrassing $135,000 copies of his album, “Fortune” last month, while his new enemy sold 600,000 of “Take Care.”

Twitter users are up in arms about Drake dragging Aaliyah in the middle of the petty madness.

“It was disrespectful that Drake chose an Aaliyah track to diss Chris Brown,” one Twitter user wrote. “There is a time & place for everything & this wasn’t it.”

“I love Drake but not sure reworking Aaliyah for 10 year anniversary and ‘dissing’ Chris Brown in it is really in the right spirit!” another wrote.

Drake first hinted at the collaboration in March during an interview.

“I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon, just some special things. Just great things,” he told the TV host. “Just great things for music, period.”