morgan freeman & marijuana*Okay, when Morgan Freeman says it, isn’t it time we all start listening? I mean the man has been the narrator or voice of reason for all of us in, what, 300 movies now?

So, when he starts advocating for the legalization of marijuana, isn’t that really the voice of God telling us that it’s high time (pun completely intended) to end this charade and start making it legal for everyone?

Maybe we’re overdoing it with the Morgan Freeman angle, but the main point is still valid. The legalization of marijuana seems to be developing into a something – like gay marriage is now, and like interracial marriage was decades ago – that will seem almost silly in retrospect, as in, “Why was this ever even considered controversial?”

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We all need to grow up and start accepting the idea that marijuana shouldn’t be banned in this country anymore. Can anyone really provide a good argument as to why pot is illegal and alcohol – a far more destructive and addictive substance – is readily available in thousands upon thousands of establishments across the United States? There isn’t one to be made. Marijuana should be treated just like booze – legal, taxed and regulated. Hey, what better way to give the economy a boost? Talk about your green jobs…

If you want to get a good breakdown of how the process will work, take a look at this excellent (and very comprehensive) Fortune magazine article from a few years ago that breaks down the state of marijuana legalization efforts. You can basically buy it for any ailment in California – the article mentions “anxiety” and “premenstrual syndrome” as two of the reasons for prescription pot – and there are sixteen states across the U.S. which have similar measures on the books (though none probably as liberal as California’s). The movement is growing.

Just wait. In all likelihoods, our children and grandchildren will grow up in an America where most states will have some form of marijuana that’s legalized – and they’re going to wonder why we ever made such a fuss about it.