olympics london logo*The big Olympic sports seem to be the same every four years.

There’s basketball, with its jaw-dropping roster of star NBA players and massive victories over puny competition (Nigeria? Really?).

Swimming and gymnastics turn out new Wheaties-box cover models with alarming speed. Track and field crowns the “fastest person alive.” Those are the rock star events of the games.

However, there are four other sports out there in these Olympics which you may have overlooked that certainly deserve a watch. If you have missed these already, check out the replays on the NBC website, and be sure to mark these on your calendar for 2012.

JUDO: It might boast the frenetic kicking and flying fists you’d expect for a martial arts match, but judo is nonetheless a fascinating sport to watch – once you get a handle on the byzantine scoring procedures. Take a look at the match that brought America its first judo gold medal, thanks to the awesome power and strength of winner Kayla Harrison.

WATER POLO: If you’re like most Americans, and range from “good” to “average” to “poor” in “physique status,” you might feel a little inadequate when turning into the water polo matches. The athletes for both genders boast some of the most ridiculous Greek-statue bodies you’ll ever see, just proving that all of those people who tell you about the benefits of water workouts might actually be on to something. Tune in to one of the matches and watch with open jaw. An added bonus? The great “Doc” Emerick is the water polo broadcaster for the Games.

ARCHERY: They’re not in the same shape as the water polo players (Google the Italian archery team for proof) but man, the patience, control and skill it takes to hit the targets is something to behold. The remarkable finish between the Italians and the Americans from these Olympics is something specia.

RACE WALKING: Sure, it may look silly … but try to actually do it, and you’ll be exhausted after about a minute. It’s strangely captivating. Here, try to turn away from this 2008 clip.