evelyn lozada (post headbutting)*Stop the presses! It’s an Evelyn sighting!

TMZ has come across photos of the most famous headbutting recipient in the history of mankind, Madame Evelyn Lozada.

Of course by now the world knows she got the headbutt, allegedly at the hands, er, head of her soon to be ex-husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, during what had to be a very, very nasty argument.

The photos were snapped this week in Florida — on a beach near the friend’s house where Evelyn fled following the alleged domestic violence incident on August 11th.

You can’t see the injuries — we’re told Evelyn refuses to leave the house without a hat — but according to sources, a laceration on her forehead required several stitches.

Since the photos were taken, we’re told Evelyn has left for Barbados with her daughter to escape media scrutiny — and is anxious to put everything behind her.

As we reported, Evelyn filed for divorce last week, claiming her marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

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