K. Michelle and Toya Wright

K. Michelle and Toya Wright

*Somehow, K.Michelle and Toya Wright are finding ways to keep the same dramatic stories in circulation by causing more drama.

For weeks, the reality stars been going at it via the ‘net over basically some dumb ish.

On Wednesday, Toya posted an Instagram message that read: “Shut up yOu hatin’ Azz And keep me Out Of yOur mOuth Cus i aint a D*ck!!”

Harsh words, but it’s not certain who that message was meant for, although we’re reasonable sure it for K. Michelle.

The message seems to be linked to a recent “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” fiasco.

“If you ain’t in the room you need to shut the f_C# up. I don’t care if that’s your husband or not ’cause at the end of the day, you look d!ck drunk. You need to be quiet because I never came for you.”

This drama isn’t new. The ladies have been going at it since the show premiered, likely because they both have had relations with the same man, MeMpHiTz, and K.Michelle alluded at one point that dude is abusive.