facebook app screeshot

Facebook photo shows a screenshot from its newest mobile application.

*(Via LA Times) – Facebook has rolled out new iPhone and iPad apps rebuilt from the bottom up in a drive to boost speeds and give better performance.

The long-awaited move was part of the social networking giant’s effort to appeal to the growing number of users accessing Facebook from mobile devices.

It was also an attempt to placate mobile users who for years have complained that the old apps were clunky and sluggish.

As more of its nearly 1 billion users begin to spend more time on Facebook via mobile apps than via computers, the company is stepping up efforts to improve the mobile experience, as it also feels the heat from Wall Street to make money from mobile ads.

“What they did here is what they should have done in 2008, the year after the iPhone shipped,” said Ajay Juneja, founder and chief technology officer of Speak With Me Inc., an entrepreneur, like many in Silicon Valley.

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