*Rick Ross has a whole new perspective on life after suffering two traumatic seizures last October, setting him back just a bit.

“When you sitting down at a desk and you’re jotting down your ideas on the calendar, of course you never penciled in those few setbacks,” Rick Ross said when he appeared on ‘RapFix Live’ on August 1. “Regardless of what they were, it’s a setback, and a setback goes against what you’re trying to accomplish.”

But because of his inner circle and the people who keep him going, Ross was able to get back out there and finish what he started.

“We dusted that off and went back to work immediately,” Ross said, crediting manager Gucci Pucci, Maybach A&R, Spiff TV, and the staff at Def Jam Records for holding things down.

Family also kept him motivated, he admitted.

“They soldiers. My family are soldiers, from my mom all the way down to my beautiful daughter and my little son,” he said. “They were right by my side, really, when I was at the hospital.”