leila tarantino

(Leila Tarantino)

*Yuk! 🙁

This is one of those stories that’ll make you go what tha heyall?!

In Florida, a Citrus County woman who claims she was frisked, strip searched and had her tampon forcibly removed by Sheriff Deputies during a traffic stop in 2011, has filed a lawsuit.

Geez, if this is true, a lawsuit is the least of things she should do. Naturally, the Sheriff’s department is defending itself, saying she’s  er, not telling the truth

According to the lawsuit filed by her attorney, Michael Sechrest, Leila Tarantino was driving on South Columbus Street in Beverly Hills, Florida with her children on June 11th of last year when she approached a stop sign and came to a complete stop.

The lawsuit claims that when Tarantino drove forward, an unnamed deputy traveling in the opposite direction turned around to stop Tarantino. The lawsuit also says the deputy got out of his cruiser with his gun pointed at Tarantino’s car and called for backup.

Over the next two hours, four more officers, including a female, arrived on scene, Tarantino’s lawsuit alleges. These five people proceeded forward with the strip search on the side of the road, in front of Tarantino’s children, and with the permission of Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsey, according to paperwork filed in District Court.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has fired back at Tarantino, stopping short of calling her an outright liar.

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