anita moncrief*Seems there is a personal vendetta behind the blowing of every whistle.

You just have to dig deep enough to find it. In the case of one Anita Moncrief, a black republican, former ex-liberal, who voted democrat in the 2008 election (we know, you’re confused already, but stay with us) you may know her better by the name, “Whistle-blower.” Moncrief’s beef is rooted in her disillusionment with  former employer,Project VOTE, an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN. She became disillusioned by things she says she witnessed  while in their employ; and also claims the Obama administration is in bed with these folks.

This is not a new story.

Moncrief’s journey in this saga began in late 2008, when she was fired by Project VOTE. Since then there have been suits, counter-suits and dismissed charges. But now, with the republicans working excessively hard to get president Obama out of office, Moncrief looks better than ever to them. She has become a major voice for the conservative and republican parties; traveling the country and telling her story on the speaking circuit built by her right-wing support system. The old story has regained momentum because its election time. There is a black president. Moncrief is black, and she is against his administration. Why not use her? The conservatives call her “one of Obama’s biggest problems.”

If she was at the RNC, wonder how many peanuts were thrown at her.

In an interview with special correspondent, Ginni Thomas, for “The Daily Caller,” a right-wing online publication, Moncrief  tells African American (democratic) voters, “It’s Time to Stop Voting on Color.”

Moncrief names noted public figures, Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson specifically; and tells African Americans not to allow them to speak for you.

Fair enough.

Black voters should instead, she says, make independent decisions based on candidates’ qualities other than their skin color. Other than their skin color? What a concept! You might want to mention this to your new party, Ms. M. You know – the same people who have been working diligently since 2008 to get the current president out of office? The same ones who have used every opportunity to openly disrespect the Chief at every turn? You know…them.

Just saying…

“One of the things I like to tell black people is that we are not victims,” Moncrief told The Daily Caller. “We are not numbers, we are not statistics. We are not pawns,” she said, pointing to Detroit as an example of a city where the policies of Democratic and black politicians have severely hurt voters.

Uh huh.

Having shifted her party from liberal to republican (with claims that she has paid dearly for it); buried not so deep in Moncrief’s cry is the suggestion, make that the ‘assumption’ – that current Chief of the Free World, Barack Obama, was voted into office by African Americans because of his race. Did we mention Moncrief voted for Barack Obama?

This is where Moncrief’s outcry may actually be offensive. Not only to Obama; but to the African American voters that joined other races and cultures at the polls to cast their vote for Obama; the candidate they felt carried the qualities befitting a leader. Not to ignore the fact that there will always be exceptions; and notwithstanding the rah-rah behind the historical significance of Obama being the “first” African American president. But to imply (and make the generalization) that blacks voted him into office because of his race is an insult. If this was the case, and blacks just wanted another black in office; were there not plenty of opportunities to get this done in the past?

Watch Ms. Moncrief’s interview: