*Timepieces have been an important wardrobe staple long before Jay-Z started strategically name-checking his latest investment in song.

Aside from the obvious benefit of helping its host tell time, watches add a layer of sophistication and are the perfect exclamation point to a polished look.

And while style experts always dish on which foundation items you need to build a wardrobe, watches are the accessory that is most often overlooked. Until now.

Here are four timeless watch trends that’ll help you finish off your look:

1. All White Everything: Kenzo Honolulu Watch – $194
If you’re going to break the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule, then you might as well be wearing an all-white watch when you do it. It’s the perfect accessory for when you want to make a statement, whether you’re headed to an intense shareholder meeting or a casual picnic in the park.