gabby douglas*Gabby Douglas has been the brunt of a lot of criticism lately.

It’s almost as if successful African Americans can’t be successful without a fellow brother or sister tearing them down, especially that one dude no one cares to listen to.

The 16-year-old gymnast was not only heckled at for her hair, but also because … are you ready … she didn’t represent America in a traditional leotard!

Conservative black radio host, David Webb, suggested that Gabby and her teammates weren’t showing enough patriotism by sporting a red, white and blue outfit or the gold medalist at least wrapping herself up in an American flag.

Webb and other conservative commentators see Gabby’s move, as well as other Olympiads, as a defiant stance against America. He added that when American athletes are draped in the flag, it takes away from the feeling of unity.

“We’ve also lost over time that jingoistic feeling,” he said. “You know, the National Anthem, we sing it at baseball games. I think the National Anthem should be followed with, “Play ball.” It’s kind of an American thing. We’ve lost a little of that, you know, saying The Pledge of Allegiance. And I think that plays over into some of this soft acceptance. You know what? Red, white and blue – wear it. Wave it. Be proud to be an American. It’s not a political issue. But they make it a social issue.”

Watch David Webb critize Gabby: