gabby douglas mural

Eric Lindbergh works on the image of gymnast Gabby Douglas in Virginia Beach, VA

*We all know Olympic champion Gabby Douglas is a big deal.

Well, her hometown, Virginia Beach, Virginia wants to show the world just how big a deal Miss Douglas is with a mural of her.

And what does the gold-medal-winning gymnast have to say about it?

“WOW!!! This is amazing!! (hashtag)so honored,” Douglas tweeted Friday from the Olympics in London, where the 16-year-old gymnast won two gold medals at the Summer Games.

The mural shows Douglas holding a gold medal with an American flag backdrop. It says “Way to go Gabby.”

According to reports, brothers Todd and Eric Lindbergh (of T.A.L.E.N.T. Murals) spent four days painting the 9-by-30 foot mural on the outside wall of a sports bar.

Todd Lindbergh says the idea for the mural came when he found out that Douglas was from Virginia Beach while watching her on TV at a medals ceremony.