*The National Enquirer is reporting that the estranged family members of gold medalist, Gabrielle Douglas, are stammering over her potential millions.

After winning it big in London, the 16-year-old has  already scored a spot on a Corn Flakes box and will soon be on a box of Wheaties. According to reports, she could earn more than $10 million over the next few years and potentially some $100 million during her lifetime.

“Both sides of Gabby’s family are jockeying to be in good standing with the goose that laid the golden egg,” a source told the tabloid. “Meanwhile, poor Gabby is caught in the middle.”

Sources say family members are getting in line with their hands out, hoping a little love is dropped on them. Her father allegedly wants a piece as well.

“I’m trying to keep things positive right now,” says Timothy Douglas, who served more than 17 years with the Virginia Air National Guard. “I feel like I’ve been the best father that I can be to my daughter and to my family.”

gabby douglas (national enquirer)Sources say Douglas wanted to be there for his daughter, but his family suspects Natalie, Gabby’s mom, had everything to do with cutting him out of the activities.

According to RadarOnline.com, Douglas took some family members out to London to watch her compete. They didn’t have tickets to get in.

On the flip side of things, he hasn’t paid child support, according to Natalie.

The star’s dad was arrested in February for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded no contest to avoid jail time, but an arrest warrant was issued on March 6, 2012; this time for a non-violent child abuse incident.

According to reports, the abuse occurred shortly after Gabby’s Mom filed for divorce.

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