*Ginuwine responded to his daughter’s claims that he’s a deadbeat daddy.

One of his innumerable children blasted the singer when she posted a side-by-side photo of them on Instagram with a caption that read, “Some wish they had a father, but sometimes ur better off cuz I wish I never met mine! #lookalikenothingalike”

Damn! Right?

She wanted to make sure he knew how she felt. So she posted a screen shot of a text conversation – if you want to even call it that – between the two.

She initiated the conversation with, “WAKE UP DEADBEAT UR KIDS ARE STILL ALIVE THANK GOD FOR THAT.”  But Ginuwine responded with, “You are such a disrespectful ungrateful lil B-tch don’t you ever call me for s-t ever deadbeat that get lost.”

That’s a grown man’s response, folks, if these claims are real. Smh.

Fortunately, he hasn’t responded publicly to these terrible claims. So he’s got one up so far.

Drama all day long.