smartphone being held*First off, a reminder, that little thing you carry in your pocket or purse is a very, very powerful computer.

Yes, we’re referring to your smartphone. It can do basically what your big ol’ desktop can do and more.

But interestingly, the thing that most people use it for, besides making and receiving phone calls, is to … check the weather?!

Does it surprise you that over two-thirds of smartphone owners say they could not “live without” their devices?
Probably not, particularly if you own a smartphone yourself. Something you might find more interesting is what we tend to do with our mobiles.

According to a recent study from Online Publishing Associates (OPA), 29 percent of smartphone owners get local news from their phones, while 31 percent use these devices to watch videos.

But the number one regular activity accomplished on smartphones? Forty-seven percent say they use their devices to perform the mundane task of…checking the weather.

Is it because weather apps are a quick click for information, or are we weather-obsessive because the predictions often seem totally wrong? Either way, 93 percent of smartphone owners say they use their devices for “accessing content and information.” Apparently, the question of carrying an umbrella is foremost in many of their minds.

The Atlantic Wire says of this report: “It’s not that the weather isn’t something useful to look up, but compared to all the other incredible things phones can do — there are over 500,000 apps in Apple’s store! — it is one of the least impressive.”

You can read/learn more at Huffington Post.