dianna hobbs

Dianna Hobbs

*Dianna Hobbs, President & CEO of Empowering Everyday Women (EEW) Online Magazine, the nation’s leading web publication for Christian women of color, is hitting back after an article she viewed as disrespectful to black Christians was published on NBC’s black news site, theGrio.com.

The piece written by Kirsten West-Savali titled, “Blacks supporting Chick-Fil-A: Is eating chicken as an expression of religious faith taking things too far?” according to Hobbs, perpetuates harmful stereotypes about blacks and presents offensive mischaracterizations of black Christians as truth.

“I was both upset and saddened when I read the defamatory article,” wrote Hobbs in her rebuttal posted at http://www.buzz.eewmagazine.com. “So I felt compelled to speak out against it.”

Hobbs singles out a paragraph where West-Savali wrote, “Perhaps most hilariously and what will be addressed here, are the Christian, black people – emphasis on black – rushing to eat fried chicken to show how righteously they stand against homosexuality and the persecution of poor, misunderstood Dan Cathy.”

The EEW Magazine president replied with, “Wow,” and asks “Why did the writer attempt to shame black people for patronizing a chicken chain as a method of protest?” Presenting an alternate view, Hobbs asserts, “I’m sure there were also those health-conscious black Christians (such a thing exists) who chose other options available on the menu like: grilled chicken wrap, salad, Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup, or a fruit cup. They may have even opted to just have bottled water, a cup of coffee, or orange juice.”

Read the full response here.