jesse jackson jr.*There’s an interesting development in the Jesse Jackson Jr. situation.

The New York Post is reporting that Rev. Jesse Jackson is essentially looking to relieve his namesake from his Congressional seat and replace him with younger brother Jonathan.

Well, theGrio’s Joy-Ann Reid reached out to the Jackson camp for a comment and in the words of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, “Poppycock!” may as well have been their response.

Family and staffers to Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. strongly refuted a New York Post report, which quoted unnamed sources as saying Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. is working behind-the-scenes to place his younger son Jonathan in Jackson, Jr.’s congressional seat.

The Post claims that the elder Jackson has essentially taken over his son’s congressional office, at a time when Jackson, Jr. remains hospitalized in the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, for what his family says are “debilitating” gastrointestinal issues and clinical depression. The Post also asserts that Jackson, Sr. wants his younger son to take over the seat in part because he would wield more influence over the office if his more independent elder son stepped aside.

Speaking to theGrio on Wednesday, the Jackson camp put on a full-court defense, calling the story “false,” “absurd” and “a fabrication.”

“The story in the Post is false,” the congressman’s chief of staff, Rick Bryant, told theGrio. “Congressman Jackson is running for re-election. He won a primary. He is gearing up to run. All of his supporters are still behind him 100 percent.” Bryant also pushed back against the Post’s sources, who claim Rev. Jackson is essentially running his son’s congressional office.

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