jason taylor*Former NFL star, Jason Taylor, is the epitome of what it means to be an athlete with poor money handling skills.

He is the reason why pros need financial classes before getting their first check or they’ll end up making some very bad investment decisions like him.

And so that’s why Taylor hired a money manager, Eric Kim, who he’s now at odds with.

Kim is suing the former football star for $1M since he defamed the man’s name.

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According to the lawsuit, Taylor hired Kim because he finally realized he was bad with his money and made bad investments.

With Kim’s help, Taylor began to make some serious cash, but he then turned on him and started talking trash about him, even calling him a thief.

In fact, Taylor sued Kim last year, claiming his former financial dude schemed him out of $275K.

Kim denies it and says Taylor owes him commission for the money he helped him make.