jordin sparks redbook cover*During an interview with Redbook, Jordan Sparks, the “American Idol” champ and star of the upcoming film “Sparkle,” spoke about how she and her honey bunny, Jason Derulo are closer than ever.

“We both went through things that were tragic, and that brought us even closer together. He had a near-death experience, and I lost someone,” she tells Redbook. “Priorities get in line when stuff like that happens. Family is what matters — and being with the people you love.”

As far as “Sparkle,” which is opening Aug. 17 is concerned, Sparks says she’s honored to be in the film.

“I get so overwhelmed because it’s my first film, and for my first film to be so deep and heavy…I got to work with one of my idols and sing with her, and she even played my mother,” she tells Redbook. “I don’t know if anything will ever be as good as this. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Why did I deserve to have a part in a film like this?’ I don’t want this to come off crazy, but somebody said to me, ‘It’s like Whitney essentially passed the torch.’ And to hear that, it’s just nuts.”

We’ve seen “Sparkle” and Miss Sparks doesn’t have anything to worry about as far as acting is concerned. She is awesome. On top of that, the camera loves her.

By the way, the September Redbook will be on newsstand August 14.

jordin sparks & jason derulo