*K.Michelle has dubbed herself the new spokeswoman of domestic violence, and is giving props to the drama queen of reality television, Evelyn Lozada, for leaving her man.

Whether or not you believe K.Michelle’s story about MeMpHiTz is beside the point, some would say. But since she’s shared this part of her life with the world with no remorse, it’s only appropriate she speaks up now, right?

She thinks so, especially because the artist and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star recently published “Saving Our Daughters”

“Evelyn is such a beautiful woman that a lot of girls look up to. I’m very proud of her for taking a stance and walking away,” K said in a statement on GlobalGrind.com. “I feel like I was so in love at the time when the police came to my rescue, I should’ve moved forward with charges and [I should’ve done] what I needed to do… So, I think it’s very commendable on her part. At the same time it’s a tragic situation for both parties.”

The whole situation has been flooded with all types of criticism because of Evelyn’s terrible bully-like behavior. But K.Michelle sees no reason not to be sympathetic toward her at this time.