k michelle & memphitz*K.Michelle is still keeping the past alive with the latest story about the night she and MeMpHiTz fought.

During a recent appearance on New York’s Power 105.1 Breakfast Club show, the reality show star shared that her ex threatened to kill her son and she was beaten by the music executive, who is now married to Toya Wright, the ex of Lil Wayne.

Lately the beef has been grilling between the ladies over the same man, as they’ve thrown jabs over Twitter and on the show. But K.Michelle says it’s okay that Toya is down for her man, but she’s been misinformed about him.

“It’s okay to be ride-or-die for your man, but you gotta know what you’re riding for. You wasn’t around me,” the singer said.

To take everyone out of the dark, she disclosed the blow-by-blow details of the battle between the former lovers.

“We were having a normal argument and it would get more and more intense. We were fighting about a performance,” K.Michelle recalled, explaining that she at one point refused to get on stage until a sound issue had been fixed.

“He’s the boss, I’m already big-mouthed and it just got, ‘Okay. I’m tired of this b**ch.’ You gotta be real about it. I wasn’t sitting there innocent. I never said that, but I didn’t hit you first.”

As K.Michelle recalls, MeMpHiTz didn’t just smack her.

“I was smothered with a towel. You smothered me, you hit me in my head with a [water] bottle, I was bruised up.” she revealed. “It was nothing small. I was bruised up. I was bleeding. I think what shocked me the most was the smothering. I was climbing, crawling to get out the door.”

It got worse. She said he came after her, dragged her across the carpet and the rest is history. She blacked out during the beating.

“I was looking at him in his face, and it didn’t look like him.”

She concluded that he went so far as to threaten the life of her son.