kem*Jazz and R&B singer Kem is a true rags to riches celebrity who overcame homelessness and drug addiction to rise to the top and he’s still rising.

Since becoming one of the most popular artists in his category, he’s managed to expand his horizon recently with a role in the recently released film, “Sparkle,” and has a romantic Christmas album on the way.

“What Christmas Means” is Kem’s spin on all the holiday classics. But he wants fans to understand what the holiday season is all about through the music.

“Christmas is about Jesus, that’s the foundational aspect, but we all love getting presents, too,” he tells The Huffington Post in a recent interview. “There’s a romantic side to Christmas, whether it’s cuddled up near the fireplace with your significant other, or sharing those intimate moments with the person that you love.”

Ledisi is also a featured artist on the album for “Be Mine for Christmas,” a perfect combination.

The holiday isn’t the only thing in the works. Kem has songs written for the next studio album as well, but he didn’t reveal when it’ll be out.

Watch and groove as Kem performs “Love Calls”: