african students*No Money, No Money!

That’s what the Kenyan authorities are saying to teachers in that country who are demanding increases in salaries and allowances.

Now that the the government has stated that it doesn’t have the money, it looks like the teachers are going to impose a nationwide strike starting September 3.

Teachers Service Commission Secretary Gabriel Lengoiboni yesterday said that he had received a response from Treasury noting that the government has no money to pay teachers.

“The response to my earlier letter to Treasury says that the government does have money to pay teachers because no amount was factored in the current budget,” he said.

TSC, which is now a constitutional independent body that employs teachers, had on August 17 wrote to treasury and saying what teachers were requesting was legal.

Lengoiboni’s letter requested treasury to consider in harmonizing teachers’ 300 per cent demand of salaries and allowances. Lengoiboni added that the Ministry of Finance has indicated that it would allocate funds to meet the teachers’ demand in the next financial year.

Asked what would happen with an already impending strike announced by teachers if their demands are not met, Lengoiboni said that negotiations were however still going on with the government.

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