*Anyone who gets with Kanye should know by now that they’re going to get an extreme makeover … even media junkies like Kim Kardashian.

If you haven’t spotted her lately, she’s looking quite different and sources say her new style has been influenced by the current love of her life.

Supposedly, Kanye made a deal with her to get a new wardrobe, as long as she got rid of everything else.

In a clip of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the rapper and his stylist do a fashion overhaul on Kim’s closet, purging it of her classic KK look. But it’s not all good.

During the clip, Kim says, “I’m literally crying,” as her boyfriend is pulling out clothes to put in the “donation” pile. He apparently doesn’t care and moves on with his mission to put her on the “best dressed lists.”

There’s also an awkward moment when she asks Kanye if her ‘twins’ look better pushed up.

His response: “No, because I like natural looking. Because I grew up on ’80s magazines … You look amazing.”

Some are whispering that the very opinionated rapper is controlling his lady love, while others are still speculating whether or not the relationship is just business or really romance.

But they’ve been really open about their love for one another, maybe a bit too much.

Kanye recently tweeted and quickly deleted, “I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim.”

Kanye also reportedly got a little Twitter-happy this week when he allegedly tweeted, “I just f**ked Kim so hard,” and then instantly deleted it. It’s not certain that West actually tweeted that TMI moment as the screenshot that Buzzfeed posted could have easily been Photoshopped, reported the Huffington Post. If it’s real, that’s about as disrespectful as you can get, but then again Kim is the master of branding and publicity so an instantly deleted tweet to get people talking could have very well been her idea.