michael jordan & kobe bryant*As great a player that Kobe Bryant is, in some people’s minds he will always be compared to Michael Jordan.

In other words as far as they’re concerned, he got to where he is by copying Jordan. And thanks to a new YouTube mashup that’s gone viral, that argument may have some backing … visually at least, reports Mashable.

In his video titled “Identical Plays,” YouTube user 2012Mamba tracked down about ten plays by Jordan and Bryant that are so similar that sometimes you’re not sure if you’re watching Michael or Kobe.

By the way, 2012Mamba is an 18-year-old Jordanian dude by the name of Youssef Hannoun who lives in Cairo, Egypt.

Hannoun pretty much stays up until 5:30am to catch Bryant’s LA Lakers play on TV. He says he has “literally seen every single Kobe bucket since the 07-08 season, as well as highlights from his entire career, so I have his game more or less memorized.”

That made looking at archived footage of Jordan’s plays to match Bryant’s moves pretty easy to do.

“I just had to watch Jordan clips, and I’d recognize the moves that Kobe has done and I’d know when Kobe pulled off the same play against which team and what year, so finding Kobe’s clips were very easy; the whole thing was relatively easy for me.”

Check it out: