*Football season is just around the corner so we thought we’d give you an update and overview of one of the NFL’s most versatile players, Kordell Stewart, who officially retired from the league back in May after a long career.

It shocked many that Stewart retired considering he hasn’t played in the league in years, and has been appearing on ESPN as an analyst.

Stewart was a groundbreaking quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers leading them to numerous playoff appearances.

He was one of the much talked about 90s black quarterbacks who made the transition from college to the pros smoothly.

Here’s a list of 5 facts you may have not known about the former Steelers star:

1. Date of Birth

The athlete known as “Slash” was born on October 16, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2. Parents

His mother, Florence Stewart, died after a long fight against liver cancer when he was twelve. His father, Robert Stewart, had to toil long hours at an assortment of jobs to take care of Kordell and his other two children.

3. “Slash”

Pittsburgh Steelers color commentator Myron Cope gave Stewart the nickname “Slash” due to his abilities as a utility player able to play other positions such as running back / wide receiver / punter / returner.

4. Second All-Time

Among NFL quarterbacks, his 38 rushing touchdowns ranks second all-time, behind Steve Young’s 43.

5. Versatile Player

The NFL Network named him #6 on its list of the 10 most versatile players in NFL history.