*“The Game” season 6 is going to be interesting with the latest addition of “Kiera,” to be played by Lauren London. The actress is excited about the part and admits this is something out of her element.

“It’s so new. I’ve never done that before,” she told The Q side. “I’ve done guest spots on TV, but for me to have that schedule is so different and new. I’m excited. I get to learn a lot about myself in this experience.”

Yeah, she’s doing some great things in her career, but how about that love life?

Gossip folks say she and Trey Songz were going steady, but the pair denied the claims, and agree they’re just friends.

“[Trey and I] are not together. No, we just took a picture together,” she said. “[Rumors] don’t upset me because I know him, he’s a great guy, but no, I laugh at that. Me and my brother were walking down the street one day, and they said I was dating my brother and I was like, ‘That’s funny.’”

Songz actually let the cat out of the bag when he told reporters that no they aren’t together, but they once were lovers.
“Lauren London is a very important person to me… I love her to death. Is she my woman? No. We are great friends, and we have been lovers before.”

She did admit that they have known each other since she was 15, but they keep their relationship mostly private.