*Of course, Rush Limbaugh thought Clint Eastwood’s empty chair ramblings at the Republican National Convention was “bold” and “a great bit.”


The conservative talk show host discussed it on his radio show today, adding that backlash from the left about the skit is “predictable.”

“They’re destroying Eastwood,” Limbaugh said. “Because they can’t hit Romney, and they’ve gotta hit something. But Romney’s speech doesn’t have a whole lot hittable in it.”

Limbaugh also said that Eastwood got under President Obama’s skin – pointing to this morning’s tweet from the president’s account as proof:

“It must have gotten to him” if he chose to respond rather than ignore it, said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh added  that it “took me a while to figure” out what Eastwood was doing, but when he did, he realized it was “a great bit.” That “Eastwood was the essence of simplicity” when he put forth the message that essentially said, if a guy’s not good at his job, you fire him.

“Plus it was hilarious,” he observed, going on to make the obvious contrast. “Of course, we are people who like laughing at Obama. The other side doesn’t.”

Listen below.