Jonathan Kirby

*TMZ obtained a photo of LL Cool J ‘s alleged intruder – still with two black eyes a week after the actor beat him up mid-break in at his home.


Jonathan Kirby, 56, was snapped for the first time wearing a prison jump suit behind bars.

During his court hearing, Kirby pled “not guilty” to 1st degree burglary with a person present, a charge that carries a possible 30 year sentence considering Kirby’s past criminal record. LL discovered Kirby in his home at 2 a.m. and proceeded to break his nose and jaw before the police arrived.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged Kirby as a 3rd strike offender and set his bail at $1.1 million. A preliminary hearing has been set for next month.

According to TMZ, officials believe Kirby may be suffering from mental issues, though this is yet to be confirmed.