sad girl*One of the main issues that affect all of us is low self-esteem.

What can really affect us in our daily relationships is self esteem as well.

Here’s a column from Essence asking if low esteem is holding you back:

I’ve got a lot of experience helping women unpack their baggage. And reading through all those questions and working with so many clients, I’ve reached a disturbing conclusion: A whole lot of women have low self-esteem. It’s the devil, and among my mostly female clientele, it’s the No. 1 blockage that keeps them from living their best lives.

It’s important to recognize the behavior and not mislabel it as something it’s not. I get questions from women who are unhappy in relationships with men who are unreliable, cheat rampantly, or just don’t sound very nice. Yet the women stay. It’s not because they’re “crazy” or “stupid,” labels commonly hurled at women who let bad relationships linger. It’s that they don’t believe they deserve or can do better. Sometimes it’s because they’ve started to believe an emotionally abusive man who tells them that. More often they didn’t think very highly of themselves going into the relationship.

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