matt barnes mugshot

Matt Barnes mugshot

*As we reported on Tuesday, LA Lakers forward Matt Barnes was arrested Monday night in Manhattan Beach, CA for a traffic violation as well as making threats against a police officer.

Now, his is agent, Aaron Goodwin, is firing back, claiming that the arresting officer, Steve Tobias, has a vendetta against Barnes over prior incidents.

“During the playoffs, (Barnes) got pulled over by this guy (in mid-May), ” wrote Goodwin. “And when he got pulled over, (Barnes) had a failure to appear (in court citation relating to, Barnes said on his Twitter page, a traffic violation). The guy told him to park the car and walk home. So he and the guy had words, as (Barnes) said, ‘Hey that’s unnecessary. I could have my fiance drive.’ And (Tobias) said, ‘No, you were driving, so walk home.’ He already had an attitude with him. So last night, (Tobias) saw them drive by on their way to this restaurant and called to check and see if he still had a warrant. When he realized that he did, he parked and waited two hours for him to come out.

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“Now first of all, there’s got to be something wrong with a police officer who should be out patrolling parking and waiting for this guy to come out. When he came out, he walked up to him and told him ‘You’re under arrest for a failure to appear.’ Matt obviously had words with (Tobias), and that’s where the whole other part came in. But the fact that the officer parked and waited two hours for him to come out, and (Barnes) is not driving – he’s walking – shows you that it’s personal.

“This is a situation where the police officer had it in for Matt, found something he could get on him, and waited until he had an opportunity to get at him. The circumstances around it were unfair. It’s more personal than anything else.”

A message left with the Manhattan Beach Police Department’s media contact not immediately returned.

On another note, as far as where Barnes will playing next season, things are still up in the air. After the crappy season he had with the Lakers, don’t be surprised if he’s not resigned.