jeanette harris (with inserts)*When it comes to music, Jeanette Harris lets her saxophone do the talking.

But this time, a new instrument awaits fans, as evidenced on the smooth jazz musician’s groovable cut “You Can Dance.” According to Harris, her first foray into songwriting with the tune came from an unknown place. However, her decision to insert a vocal presence came easily once a past collaborator came to mind.

“We worked with Joel Bowers and I knew that’s the guy I wanted to use,” Harris shared with EURweb’s Lee Bailey as she relished the opportunity to show another side of her artistry. “I don’t know what made me do it or want to do it, but it was done and I was very proud that I did it. I took that step. I’m a saxophonist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a whole lot of other stuff. You can spread it out. So that showed me I could do it because I didn’t think it sounded too crazy where it wouldn’t come across. I said ‘As long as I have a good vocalist, even if it does sounds crazy he will make it sound good and that will be the end of it.’ [laughs]

jeanette harris (saxified)Originally featured on Harris’ current album Saxified, “You Can Dance” will also appear on the entertainer’s upcoming opus entitled Summer Rain. The independent release, which Harris says will feature “probably about four or five” danceable tracks, will incorporate a “good mixture of the R&B, soul and Latin with a smooth jazz touch.”

In addition, fans can expect more from Harris’ songwriting pen as she admits to writing lyrics to the title track from Summer Rain. Like “You Can Dance,” the “Summer Rain” song will contain a vocal and instrumental version.  For those wondering about the catalyst for the instrumental version of the vocal tracks, Harris cited a maternal source.

“My mother. [laughs] She listened to the song (“You Can Dance”) … she said ‘Jeanette, I want you to consider doing an instrumental,’ the Berkley College of Music graduate confessed. “At first I was just like ‘Really? Ok. I’ll think about it. Let me get my thoughts to make sense with the melody.’ And when I started, I said ‘This will work. This will work.’

Jeanette harris (with sax)“That was a great idea. I was just so thankful that my mom didn’t keep it to herself,” continued Harris. “We work good together. Whether we use the idea. We don’t believe in bad ideas. Let’s just throw it out there. It will either work or it won’t. and the only way to tell is to try it out. If it doesn’t work, then don’t use it.”

The willingness to take a chance or two has proved to be a force as Harris arms herself with the “right team of people” and a “great publicist” to help promote “Summer Rain” to the masses. Overall, the Fresno, California resident is confident her career is “on a great path.”

Performing live is an aspect that has guided Harris in her songwriting, with many of the tunes she’s currently writing being “songs I actually would love to play on stage.”

“I don’t want people to shout out a song and I’m like ‘Ohhh great. I gotta get through this one” she explained. “And it’s not to dog my writing, but when we do shows we’re intense. We’re hardcore and I like to keep a certain energy. I said ‘Let me represent myself real well on this CD and if they call out anything, I will be more than happy to play it and I think they’ll be more than happy to sit there and listen to it.”

The Summer Rain album is expected to be released shortly. For more information about Jeanette Harris and to hear MORE  of her music, visit

Please do yourself a big favor and check the 3 tracks below: “You Can Dance” (vocal & instrumental) and her cover of Stevie Wonder’s classic “All I Do”